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We Have Your Industrial Automation Sensor!

Inductive proximity sensors basically let you know if something is there (parts presence), detect and confirm features, verify a hole presence or absence and many other applications.

Inductive proximity sensors are competitive, reliable and accurate. Relatively rugged and they are generally the most popular choice if the target you are detecting is metal.

industrial sensorsCapacitive proximity sensors are similar to inductive but they product an electrostatic field instead of an electromagnetic one.

Capacitive proximity sensors will sense metal as well as nonmetallic materials such as paper, glass, liquids, and cloth. Level detection through a barrier is a popular application for a capacitive proximity sensor.

Photoelectric sensors are available in different models including through-beam (using a transmitter and receiver), retro-reflective (using a reflector), diffuse reflective and many other application specific models.

Photoelectric sensors can be used for metallic or non-metallic targets.

Laser sensors use a variety of methods to effectively detect product details. These sensors are also capable of long-range position detection and target color will not affect these.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your industrial automation distributor for a full range of sensors.

We are authorized, stocking distributors for all the top sensor manufacturers including:

Pepperl + Fuchs, Baumer Electric sensors, Carlo Gavazzi sensors, Altech, Autonics and Panasonic (formerly SUNX sensors)

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New Pressure Sensors from Panasonic!

liquid pressure sensorPanasonic Electric Works has released the DPC/DPH-L100 series of pressure sensors!

The Panasonic DPC/DPH-L100 series offers you complete application coverage for the detection of air and liquid pressure.

With one sensor head you can now accurately detect the pressure of gases as well as liquids.

Other features of this innovative pressure sensors series include:
  • High pressure detection
  • High precision
  • Surge protection
  • High temperature media
  • All stainless steel construction
Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the full line of Panasonic (and formerly SUNX sensors) including industrial operator interfaces, Panasonic PLC's, miniature photoelectric sensors and fiber optics, digital controllers and more!

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Sunx DP 100

An industry first dual, three-color digital display makes this pressure sensor from SUNX easy to use.  The user can concurrently view the real-time pressure reading and threshold value for quick changes during routine machine maintenance.

The highly readable display of the SUNX DP 100 series offers the setting of two colors to indicate the output state (red and green) as well as a third (orange) to indicate the menu settings.  Also, both displays feature 12 segment characters, which allow for the display of letters in addition to numbers. This enables easy on screen labeling of sensors in large arrays, for instantaneous identification.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your industrial automation distributor!  We can help with any kind of sensor you are looking for!  Carlo Gavazzi sensors, Baumer electric sensors, Leuze sensors: just a quick call to 800-325-9653 will take care of it all. 

We have a live person to answer the phone, friendly helpful customer service personnel and a tech support in house!

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Upgrade To Panasonic CX-400 Photoelectric Sensors

Have you considered using or are you using the Panasonic CX-400 series?

This competitive line of photoelectric sensors has been upgraded with these features:
  • New ASIC offers lower power consumption, a higher resistance to noise and more robust short-circuit protectionphotoelctric sensors
  • Expanded to include new models that include longer range 30M range through beam and a new set of low cost, basic type sensors
Marshall Wolf Automation is your industrial automation distributor for the full line of Panasonic Industrial Automation sensors (formerly SUNX Sensors).

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2D Code Reading Sensor from Panasonic!

If you are looking for a 2D code reader for direct marking on metal parts, this is your solution!

bar code readerThe Panasonic (formerly SUNX Sensors) PD60/65 is an industry first for oil resistant construction!

This innovative 2D code reader supports 3 types of 2D code and offers you simple setup of even high-level functions using software tool 'PDTOOL'. 'PDTOOL' is available for download at no charge!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your industrial automation distributor for the full line of Panasonic Industrial Automation products (formerly SUNX Sensors).

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The Devastating Effects Of Static

Of course static in our homes can be very frustrating with electric shocks, crazy hair days and missing socks that are later found clinging to a bath towel.

static ionizersThere is another area where static can be more than frustrating. Static charges on an assembly line can have devastating effects on sensitive production pieces.

The good news is we have an extensive line of static sensing and reduction sensors from Panasonic (formerly SUNX Sensors).

Our high-frequency AC ionizers offer extremely fast charge reduction by emitting a highly balanced ion stream directly to your parts before static discharge has a chance to damage them.

Take a look at our line of static ionizers and electrostatic sensors!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your industrial automation distributor for the full line of Panasonic Industrial Automation and SUNX sensors (now under the Panasonic name).

Panasonic Inductive Proximity Sensors - Longest Stable Sensing Distance!

The Panasonic GX-F/H rectangular inductive proximity switch series has the longest stable sensing in the industry!

This sensor is easy to install. Plus the precise adjustment and control of sensing sensitivity greatly reduces individual sensor differences and variations.

The Panasonic GX-F/H inductive proximity sensors make it much easier to adjust sensor positions when using multiple sensors or when sensors have been replaced. 

Stable sensing can be obtained regardless of the time of day or season.


  • Built-in amplifier
  • Mutual interference prevention
  • Oil and water resistant
  • Easy to see indicators

Applications include:positioning process equipment

muting light curtainsMuting control of light curtains

Positioning process equipment

Positioning metal pallets

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the full line of Panasonic sensors (formerly SUNX Sensors).

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Industrial Safety Palm Buttons

Safety palm buttons, also referred to as touch switches, require only a simple touch to activate.

Palm buttons are an ergonomic alternative to mechanical pushbuttons and greatly reduce the operators risk of contracting repetitive motion injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome!

palm buttonsMarshall Wolf Automation is your industrial automation distributor for a range of ergonomic palm buttons!

As your Pepperl & Fuchs distributor we can offer the Pepperl + Fuchs PB series which can sense the operators hands throughpanasonic touch switch gloves!

We also carry the cost effective SW series from Panasonic (formerly SUNX Sensors) - this optical touch switch will also offer visual feedback.

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Compact Laser Displacement Sensors from Panasonic!

The Panasonic HL-G1 series offers a variety of high-end functions in a compact, self-contained body!

Other features of the Panasonic (formerly SUNX Sensors) HL-G1 measurement sensors:
  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • Easy configuration using the digital display
  • Compact size despite built-in controller and digital readout
  • I/O to accommodate multiplepanasonic sensors needs
  • High function type offers software tool and HMI screen for HL-G1

Marshall Wolf Automation is your industrial automation distributor for the full line of Panasonic sensors, formerly SUNX Sensors.

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Learn more about the Panasonic HL-G1!

New Self-Contained Laser Displacement Sensor

Panasonic Electric Works (formerly SUNX sensors) has released the new HL-G1 series!

The Panasonic HL-G1 is a self-contained laser displacement sensor that features a built-in controller and digital display.

hl-g1 panasonicWhat this means is that all programming and functionality can be controlled directly from the product itself... without the need of external components!

There are four available displacement ranges available as well as a high functionality option that offers RS-422/RS-484 functionality for linking multiple units together or interfacing with computers and HMI touchpanels.

Marshall Wolf automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the full line of Panasonic Electric Works products (including SUNX sensors!).

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