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The Story Of The Dancing Lathe

I recently had a customer contact me saying his lathe started dancing around the shop...  I sincerely hope you haven't had a similar experience but I thought I would share his story.


I would suggest going with 230 volt single phase. You can use the Hitachi variable frequency drive X200-007NFU2 1 hp 230 volt single phase in 230 volt three phase out $160.48 (stock at Hitachi).

OPE-SRMINI $62.85 is the remote key pad offering for this unit. This is a cabled unit so you still have some distance restraints. The cables that are offered are the ICS-1A (1 meter cable) $53.57 or ICS-3A (3 meter cable) $57.15.


I own an old delta rockwell lathe. It is currently powered by a 1/3 hp swamp cooler motor, needless to say it's not enough. Life being life, I acquired a 220v/3phase 1hp 3.6 amp motor. My hopes would be to create a very powerful machine with both variable speed and reverse capabilities. I do have both 110v or 220v single phase available in my shop.

I know enough about electronics to be dangerous so I thought I should see if the compact Micro ac drive TECO EV/JNEV is what I need. Couple of questions. Housing looks over the top.  I also have a Jet lathe that is powered similarly, it has no fancy enclosure and would it be possible to install the remote I described below on it also? 

How hard would it be to set up a wired remote I could move around the machine to control the basic functions such as emergency stop, speed control, and reverse.

Just the other day I made a big mistake and a lathe started dancing around the shop, the only way to turn it off safely was to reach the switch with a stick!!!! Very SCARY!!!!! Thanks for your time.


Anthony Prough


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