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Through Beam Photoelectric Sensors 101

Through beam mode is a popular type of photoelectric sensor that uses two separate housings.

One is the transmitter, or emitter, that sends the light beam out. The other is the receiver and, yes, it receives the light beam!

When the target 'breaks' the light beam, the output from the receiver is sent. This is a very efficient sensing mode and allows for the longest photoelectric sensing range.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized distributor for all the top brands of thru-beam photoelectric sensors. Pepperl+Fuchs, Idec, Takex, Carlo Gavazzi, Autonics, Baumer... you name it, we can get it.

The Basics of Photoelectric Proximity Sensors

Through-Beam Sensors from Pepperl + Fuchs


Pepperl + Fuchs cost effective inductive proximity sensor for high temperature environments

Now here's a great product from Pepperl + Fuchs,  a nice 12 mm barrel sensor, inductive proximity type, that is also high temperature range.  Get your today,  part # NBB4-12GM30-E2-T-V1.

Don't forget the mount (EXG-12),  and Quick Disconnect cable ( V1-G-2M-PUR-H/S)   


  • Manufactured by Pepperl+Fuchs
  • High Temperature/Extended Range Proximity Sensor
  • 12mm Diameter
  • 3 wire DC
  • 10-30 VDC operating voltage
  • PNP, N.O. Switching type
  • Nickel plated brass housing
  • 4mm sensing distance, flush mounted
  • Extended range of -13°F to 212°F
  • Half-pint housing - only 45mm total length
  • QD (quick disconnect) M12 size

Marshall Wolf Automation is your fully authorized Industrial Automation Distributor for PEPPERL + FUCHS products.  Contact us today at sales@wolfautomation.com to discuss your application.

A Really High Temp Proximity Sensor

We have a few options for high temperature proximity sensor applications but you might need something that goes even higher.

Our Pepperl+Fuchs NJ5-18GK-N-150 offers a range of -40° to 302°F!

18mm, 5mm sensing distance with NAMUR output. If NPN is required, an interface is available (KCD2-E).

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Pepperl+Fuchs!

Wow! Pepperl+Fuchs Has All This?

We all associate Pepperl+Fuchs with sensors. You might think of them more for inductive or capacitive proximity sensors or photoelectrics, but did you know they have all of this?

  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Short- and long-range positioning sensors
  • ID systems
  • Rotary encoders
  • Cables and connectors
  • AS-Interface
  • Inclination sensors
  • Fiber optic sensors
  • Hazardous area sensors
  • Luminescence sensors
  • Contrast/color sensors
  • Safety products

And, of course, inductive and capacitive proximity sensors and photoelectrics!

Pepperl+Fuchs gives you a complete range of sensors options as well as encoders, cables and safety products. Let us help you find out what P+F can do for you!

Capacitive Proximity Sensor Question


I need a capacitive proximity (18mm) ac120v and I need this proximity to drop out a relay when product is sensed. Would like to use the proximity to drive an Idec RSSAN-25 relay. I didn't see how many amps of load the proximity could handle. If this will work I will need 2 proximity sensors and 2 relays.


CR18-8AC Autonics Capacitive Proximity Switch 18 mm diameter, 90-250 vac input. This unit will give you an 8 mm sensing distance and 200 mA of ac current to fire the relay.

RSSAN-25A Idec 25 amp solid state relay. (20mA needed to fire AC coil).

Our technical department is ready to help you! Simply email techsupport@wolfautomation.com!


Long Distance Proximity Sensors

Long distance proximity sensor PRD Series guarantees 1.5~2 times longer sensing distance compared to existing models, and features world-class superior noise resistance characteristics with exclusively designed IC. In addition, the sensor-to-cable connection part was upgraded for more flexural rigidity and durability. Perfect for detecting defects in conveyor applications!

● Long sensing distance
(1.5 to 2 times longer sensing distance guaranteed compared to existing models)
● Improved the noise resistance with dedicated IC
● Built-in surge protection, reverse polarity protection, overcurrent protection circuit
● Long life cycle and high reliability
● Red LED status indication
● Protection structure IP67(IEC standard)
● Replaceable for micro switches and limit switches
● Improved cable strain relief : More reliable flexural strength of sensor/cable connecting part

Read about other long distance Autonics sensors here and check out all of our Autonics offerings hereMarshall Wolf Automation is your industrial automation distributor - call us at 800-325-9653!



A Summer's Resolution

Many people make New Year's resolutions.  How about a summer's resolution!

A good summer's resolution would be to try out Marshall Wolf Automation as your industrial automation source!

Marshall Wolf Automation is a full-line industrial automation distributor and is an authorized distributor for many of the most popular automation manufacturers.  In addition, Marshall Wolf Automation represents many unique lines, such as Pfannenberg, Gefran, Novus, Killark, Ashcroft and Recora, just to mention a few.  There are other automation distributors but at Marshall Wolf Automation not only do you get a huge selection of product but excellent customer service, very competitive pricing and a user-friendly website.

If you already have purchased from Marshall Wolf Automation, how about resolving to consolidate your automation purchases.  You can purchase your variable frequency drives, motors, proximity sensors, light towers, gearboxes, etc. all from one source.  Why not save time and money?

Our user-friendly website at www.wolfautomation.com shows you representative products from our vendors.  You can order online or do a quotation.  You can also email sales@wolfautomation.com any of  your requests.

Purchasing your industrial automation products from Marshall Wolf Automation is a resolution easy to keep!



You Don't Want To Spend Any More Time Than You Have To Buying Cordsets

If you are using quick disconnect sensors, you are also using cordsets. We make it easy to do!

We have two manufacturers that have made sensor cables a very simple thing to buy! Pepperl+Fuchs and Carlo Gavazzi both have competitive cordsets that are ready to ship from stock.

Compare our cordset pricing to any other manufacturer... you will be very surprised at how competitive we are, at any quantity!

Carlo Gavazzi cordsets - CONM Series

Pepperl+Fuchs cordsets

Many options to choose from!

  • AC or DC sensors
  • M8 or M12
  • Available for any type of sensors - inductive proximity sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors.
  • 3, 4 or 5 wire
  • Straight or angled

Marshall Wolf Automation can offer you more than just the cables - we offer a complete line of industrial sensors as well!

Carlo Gavazzi PL22 Pilot Lights For Your Electrical Panels!

The main function of a pilot light is to quickly provide a visual indication when an event occurs or to indicate an on or off state. The source of the light is a highly efficient LED. Due to its ideal color rendering, the LED provides optimum visibility.  Carlo Gavazzi offers the PL22 Series in all voltages. 

                                                          The PL22 is panel mounted and includes indicator housing, internal lamp, terminals and a lens.  It is available in 5 colors - red, yellow, green, blue, clear/white and is reliable and provides a cost-savings due to its long lifetime. The illuminated function, for pilot lights is made by a high-brightness pure color LED. It is a guarantee of improved efficiency and reliability. In fact, the LED technology reaches over 100,000 hours of service life and the power consumption is lower than an incandescent bulb.

Standard behind panel length is1.97"/50 mm from the back of the 'head' to the back of the indicator.  Compact behind panel length is 1.54"/39 mm from the back of the 'head' to the back of the indicator.

Carlo Gavazzi can handle all aspects of sensing, controlling and switching!

Inductive and capacitive proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, monitoring relays, power supplies, contactors and solid state relays  Find out more by contacting Marshall Wolf Automation, your authorized distributor for Carlo Gavazzi.  Visit us on line at WWW.WolfAutomation.com or call us:  800-325-9653


Your Quick Disconnect Sensor Needs One Of These.

If you are using quick-disconnect style sensors (ultrasonic, photoelectric, inductive, capacitive, you name it) then you need a quick disconnect cable!

Where are you buying them from and how much are you paying? I have two excellent options for you:

1. Carlo Gavazzi CONM series of connector cables has pricing that cannot be beat! They also have them in stock. Take a look.

2. Pepperl+Fuchs V1 and V3 series of cordsets are also very competitive and readily available!

Of course, we also can supply just about any sensor you need! 

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for a complete line of sensors and cordsets.

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