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Patlite KHE Series 100mm Multifeature LED Beacon...........multifunction capability in a single device

Marshall Wolf Automation is your source for all things PATLITE for signal lights and audible products.  Check out the KHE series of beacon, this slick 100 mm designed device has all needed non audible signaling in a single unit.  This beacon is available in colors: Red, Amber, Green, Blue with watt ratings from 8.2 to 21.6 watts dependent upon color.  The function modes include flashing, "Rotational Simulation", and Strobe modes.  The flashes per second for each mode include; 55 +/- 10%, 175 +/-10%, and 75 +/-10% respectively.  The unit is available in only 24VDC.

Common Features Included:

  • Super-bright long life LED's used for three signaling patterns that simulate rotation, strobe, and blinking.
  • Enhanced Illumination with the use of long-life, super bright LEDs.
  • No motor or bulb replacement makes it Maintenance-free.
  • Low power consumption increases energy efficiency.
  • Indoor installation can be upright, inverted or sideways; Outdoors is for upright only (optional gasket)
  • Available colors are in Red, Amber, Green, and Blue.
  • Has the CE mark and conforms to the requirements for the EC directive.
  • Is UL Listed (File No. E215660).

Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for PATLITE.  Contact us today for more information. 

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Patlite LA6 Is Now Available!

Ready for the latest in light towers? Patlite's LA6 series is an innovative new signal light that allows you to display various colors, and combination of colors, for any number of applications!

We are really excited about this new series, take a look below to learn more. You can get pricing, spec sheets and more here.

Watch the Patlite LA6 in action!

Explosion-safe Horns from Patlite

Marshall Wolf Automation, your full-line industrial automation distributor, is an authorized Patlite distributor.

Patlite has two Explosion-safe horns available.  EHV-EX is a MP3 Alert Horn and EHS-EX is a Melody/Alarm Horn.

Patlite's two new horns (MP3 Player and Melody/Alarm) now feature Explosion-safe conformity for Zone 2 and Zone 22, with the same features for industrial applications with its unbelievably compact design and a sound output of 110dB (at 1m).  New mode selection features, including a sound synthesizer mode to be heard easier in Factory and Public Address applications.  Endures vibration resistance up to 4.5G's.

Product features of the EHV-EX are: 

  • Comes with 63 preloaded crisp and clear melody and alarm sounds with adjustable volume uo to 110dB @ 1 m
  • Offers a field-programmable MP3 function with a maximum of 220 sec. of recording time (@ 64bps) 
  • The use of the SD card can allow changing messages while out in the field

Product features of the EHS-EX are:

  • Comes with 32 preloaded melody and alarm sounds with adjustable volume up to 110dB @ 1 m
  • Ideal for plant-wide notification, public address and process control

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Patlite LME-Q Series: 60mm, Four Colors in a Single Stack LED Light Tower!

PATLITE has taken the next step in signaling technology with the LME QUAD-Color machine status indicator. This unique QUAD-Color capability offers a four color LED indicator in a single stack tower light. Each LED combination uses a patented "double" reflection system to maximize the brilliance of the high intensity LED.   This design only allows for "one color at time".


  • PATLITE’s exclusive hybrid prism-cut lens designed for enhanced visibility from any direction and distance.
  • Original Dual Reflection System for enhanced light diffusion; creating bright, distinctive illumination while saving energy.
  • Two built-in alarms (FB Type) with selectable sound patterns.
  • Adjustable volume of up to 90dB (at 1m).
  • Direct or pole mount installation.
  • Interchangeable Modules need no re-wiring, even after installation.
  • PATLITE’s single-tiered triple or quadruple colored unit is ideal for applications with limited vertical space.
  • Pole-mount installation includes a circular mounting base as standard equipment.

Q1 - Red/Amber/Green/Blue (Standard)
Q2 - Red/Amber/Green/Clear (Special order)
Q4 - Amber/Green/Blue/Clear (Special order)

Rated Voltage: AC/DC 24V only.
Body: Silver Color
Cable: Versatile and flexible 3m cable.
PNP compatible


An LED Worklight/Light Bar That Is IP69K Rated!

The Patlite CLK Series is an ultrabright LED worklight/light bar that is water and oil resistant!  The IP69K Rating makes it ideal for meat/food processing, beverage and medical manufacturing industries due to the washdown requirements in those applications.  

The side body angle was designed to prevent dirt accumulation, and for water and oil to roll off the surface.  The LED lens retains a simple flat-surface for lighting and to help when wiping it down.  The Patlite CLK Series was also designed to reduce "Blinding Light" effect which reduces the risk of retina damage.

Three sizes are available:  200mm, 300mm and 600mm and there two colors to choose from, Daylight or Natural White.

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Special Patlite Promotion-Limited Time

Patlite has announced a limited time promotion for two of their series of products...the LFH and CLK products.

Marshall Wolf Automation, your full-line industrial automation distributor, is an authorized Patlite distributor.

The Patlite LFH is an indoor/outdoor LED beacon warning light with an IP66 rating.  This beacon can be used in environments such as factories, utilities, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, parking lots, and others.

A strong vibration resistance allows the LFH to be mounted on  forklifts, construction, maintenance, and industrial vehicles.

The Patlite LFH series flashes about 110 flashes/minute and comes in five different colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Clear).

The Patlite LFH series has a night-time visibility of 495 feet.  The long life LED makes it ideal for placement in hard to service locations.


The Patlite CLK series is an ultrabright LED worklight that is water and oil resistant.

Some features of the CLK series are:

Ideal for meat/food processing, beverage and medicine manufacturing industries

Can withstand being sprayed by oils and solvents

3 sizes...200mm, 300mm, 600mm

2 colors...Daylight or Natural White

Special design to reduce "Blinding Light" effect


This promotion only lasts until June 3, 2015.  Please visit our user-friendly website at www.wolfautomation.com and view our huge product selection.

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Change Your Last Fluorescent Worklight Bulb...

Are you tired of replacing fluorescent bulbs?  The Patlite CLK is an ultrabright LED worklight that is water and oil resistant.

Designed to prevent dirt accumulation, and for water and oil to roll right off, this LED light is ideal for tough work environments!

Take a closer look at our Patlite CLK worklight!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Patlite products.

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Looking For Something Revolutionary?

Here's a product that isn't quite released yet and it's so new... I don't even have an image yet!

Patlite's new multicolor LED LA6 REVOLITETM signal tower lets you quickly program up to 21 custom colors with variable flash-rate settings and up to 11 different alarm tones. You can do all this with easy-to-use, free software.

Machine operators can use a variety of colors and patterns to better communicate machine status, abnormal activity, track production and just improve efficiency!

No special I/O link is necessary and it can be controlled with PLC and dry contacts.

This innovative new product will be introduced and full released in the next few weeks!

Lots Of New Products From Patlite! First Look: Patlite LU7

You may already be familiar with our popular Patlite LU7 series of modular light towers, Patlite has introduced a new base module to the line-up.

Patlite's new LU7-USB series is a signal tower that is controlled, and powered, via USB connection! 

This new unit can display four different patterns, steady plus three flash patterns. You can also sound five alarm types, including different beep rates.

Even better, the new USB base module can be used with existing LU7 LED modules! Free software is available online.

Learn more about the new LU7-USB series now!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized, stocking distributor for the complete line of Patlite products!

A Revolution in Signal Lighting - the Revolite from Patlite

PATLITE’s innovation introduces the new LA6 multi-information “REVOLITE” Signal Tower, which can be easily manipulated to display various colors and combination of colors in various ways in order to communicate endless applications of “visual information” in a manner that is intuitive and easy to understand.  Reduce downtime, improve productivity and improve efficiency!

  • Indicate abnormal conditions with a variety of color patterns.
  • Use "operating modes" to enhance a visual status condition
  • Simple and easy to use complimentary programming software

Read more here and take a look at all of our light tower options here!