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Looking For Something Revolutionary?

Here's a product that isn't quite released yet and it's so new... I don't even have an image yet!

Patlite's new multicolor LED LA6 REVOLITETM signal tower lets you quickly program up to 21 custom colors with variable flash-rate settings and up to 11 different alarm tones. You can do all this with easy-to-use, free software.

Machine operators can use a variety of colors and patterns to better communicate machine status, abnormal activity, track production and just improve efficiency!

No special I/O link is necessary and it can be controlled with PLC and dry contacts.

This innovative new product will be introduced and full released in the next few weeks!

Lots Of New Products From Patlite! First Look: Patlite LU7

You may already be familiar with our popular Patlite LU7 series of modular light towers, Patlite has introduced a new base module to the line-up.

Patlite's new LU7-USB series is a signal tower that is controlled, and powered, via USB connection! 

This new unit can display four different patterns, steady plus three flash patterns. You can also sound five alarm types, including different beep rates.

Even better, the new USB base module can be used with existing LU7 LED modules! Free software is available online.

Learn more about the new LU7-USB series now!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized, stocking distributor for the complete line of Patlite products!

A Revolution in Signal Lighting - the Revolite from Patlite

PATLITE’s innovation introduces the new LA6 multi-information “REVOLITE” Signal Tower, which can be easily manipulated to display various colors and combination of colors in various ways in order to communicate endless applications of “visual information” in a manner that is intuitive and easy to understand.  Reduce downtime, improve productivity and improve efficiency!

  • Indicate abnormal conditions with a variety of color patterns.
  • Use "operating modes" to enhance a visual status condition
  • Simple and easy to use complimentary programming software

Read more here and take a look at all of our light tower options here!


May your days be merry and bright...7 colors in one LED!

It's that time of the year!  Lights are being strung over street poles, houses, even the desks here at MWA so it's natural that my thoughts would turn to writing a blog about lighting.  We have so many great options for tower lights, beacons, call center systems and andon systems! 

One of the newest is the NE-M1-CL7-B0953 from Patlite.  This 7-color in one LED beacon is truly outstanding. This 57mm, IP66/67 makes this light ideal for wet and dusty environments.  Places to use this include conveyor lines and AGVs.  Read more about this colorful new beacon here!



New "REVOLITE" Signal Tower from Patlite

Patlite has introduced the new LA6 multi-information 'REVOLITE" signal tower.  This signal tower can be easily manipulated to display various colors and combination of colors in various ways in order to communicate endless applications of "visual information" in a manner that is intuitive and easy to understand.

Marshall Wolf Automation, your full-line industrial automation distributor, is an authorized Patlite distributor.

Some product features of the Patlite 'REVOLITE" are:

  • Freely set-up colors to indicate abnormal conditions with a variety of color patterns (total of 4,960 possible colors)
  • Program "Operating Modes" to enhance visual status conditions
    •    Operates in three different display modes:
      •         Single Display
      •         Time-trigger Display
      •         Pulse-trigger Display
  • Download complimentary simple and easy programming  software to easily control display conditions for customized scenarios


Please visit our user-friendly website at www.wolfautomation.com and view a sampling of our huge product selection.

Marshall Wolf Automation wants to be your industrial automation distributor for all of your automation requirements.

Please email any inquiries to sales@wolfautomation.com.

New! Patlite 7 in 1 LED

Patlite has released their NE-M1-CL7+B0953!

Despite the long part number, this little light can simplify things! Here are the highlights:

  • Compact 57mm LED
  • 7 colors in 1 - red, yellow, green, blue, light blue, purple and white!
  • 12/24VDC
  • Operating temperature -4° to 122°F
  • Ideal for wet and dusty environments

Just $54.90 for small quantities - take a look!


Are You Using Banner EZ Lights?

Patlite has just released a 7 in 1 LED that compares to Banner EZ Lights! Take a look at this new LED.

Application examples:

  • Conveyors - each color could reflect a different event. Emergency stop, error, jam, etc.
  • AGV - again, the colors could reflect events that you choose. Errors, turning, idle, etc.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Patlite light towers and warning lights!

What Is Andon?

When I first heard the term 'andon' I thought it was a brand of something. Turns out, it is simply a term used for something visual that indicates machine, manufacturing or process status. Andon products are common with a buzzer to alert to a change in status. 

Where did the term 'andon' originate? It is derived from a Japanese term for a type of paper lantern. 

When I read the description, I instantly think 'light towers'. Marshall Wolf Automation has a number of andon options for your machines and production lines!

A few of our andon products that you might be interested in include:

Patlite VSST - manually controlled LED light tower

Werma WIN -  low cost wireless monitoring system

Our in-house tech support is readily available to help you find the best andon system for your application!


Visual and Audible Alerts for the Machine Tool Industry

In the machine tool industry it's challenging to keep complex equipment running at its highest level!

You need to know when something is wrong right away... this will help improve productivity and reduce losses.

Patlite offers bright LED lighting that is resistant to coolants and lubricants to help with setup and illuminate the interior while the machine is running.

We offer a huge selection of audible alarms that can play messages, indicator lights, warning lights and more.

For the machine tool industry, take a look at CLN industrial LED machine lighting, BSV MP3 smart alerts and LFH LED warning lights. Just a few of the products that are ideal for machine tool equipment!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for Patlite!

I Need A Warnling Light... And I Need It Outside.

We can help, take a look at our Patlite LFH LED warning light is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications!

Some of the applications that benefit from the strong vibration resistance are when they are mounted on forklifts, maintenance and industrial vehicles.

Available in a number of voltages and colors, the LFH is IP66 when mounted in the upright position.

And yes, you can even see it in sunlight! We've had customers mount them in parking lots, factories and construction vehicles. 

Patlite LFH series.

Patlite will also be displaying the LKH series at the IMTS show in Chicago from September 9 to September 13th.