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Werma Obstruction Lights

The law stipulates that buildings of a specific height and in the vicinity of airports as well as factory chimneys, towers, masts, etc. must be equipped with obstruction lights.

The new WERMA obstruction light is especially robust.  It provides reliable signalling for all traffic hazards-even in extreme conditions. To protect the obstruction light against sea salt, UV radiation or aviation fuel, WERMA has selected a particularly robust material-the aluminum die-cast housing is made of a high-quality salt water resistant alloy which is covered with a powder coating.

The glass lens is made of hardened borosilicate glass.  This ensures the the signaling device does not weather even in the toughest conditions.

Thanks to the LED technology, WERMA's obstruction light is maintenance-free.  With a life duration of up to 50,000 hours the LEDs last up to 50 times longer than conventional light bulbs.

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Complex Cooling Tasks Made Easy with Pfannenberg!

Pfannenberg is definitely your competent partner for complex cooling tasks in the food industry. High security classes of equipment and machines and corrosion-resistant construction materials resist even the most difficult ambient conditions.  For milling, look to Pfannenberg’s cooling units for door or side mount to cool the automation electronic on the outside of the measuring station and Pfannenberg’s filter fans to cool the controlling systems inside the measuring station: PF 4th generation, DTT 6601 and DTI/DTS

Kneading machines can benefit from enclosure climatization with protected side mount for “outdoor” cooling units: DTS 3281.

Product packaging can make use of the cooling of the bag forming, filling and sealing machine and the shrink wrapping machine with cooling units and chillers: DTS 9031 and EB.

Pfannenberg offers enclosure thermal management (filter fans, cooling units, heaters and thermostats), signaling technology (electronic horns, flashing lights, signal towers) as well as chiller (water and oil), obstacle lights and art-illumination (DMX flashing lights), all is Pfannenberg, always long-life, service friendly or maintenance free, latest technology, German engineered and an outstanding price-performance ratio.

You can read more about our Pfannenberg solutions for food and beverage applications here!  Marshall Wolf Automation, your industrial automation distributor is the place to go for all of your thermal management needs.  Call us today at 800-325-9653 (WOLF)!





If Your Application Includes Heavy Loads & Moving Equipment, Read This!

Do you need to warn and protect operators and bystanders from heavy load and moving equipment dangers?

While you cannot completely eliminate the danger, you can certainly help guard against it.

What are some of our popular signaling applications for cranes and hoists? Harbor cranes, industrial overhead bridge cranes, rail yard gantry cranes, mobile container handlers and construction tower cranes would all benefit from:


  • Operator feedback 
    • Direction of motion, reaching load capacity, over load capacity, poor load balance
  • Wind alarm
  • Equipment in motion alarm
  • Load in motion alarm
  • Aviation warning

Standards and regulations that relate to crane safety are 29 CFR Part 1926.1419: Signals - General Requirements for Cranes and Derricks in Construction, Operational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Our Pfannenberg PATROL PA/PAX series is ideal for a number of these applications - you can choose from industrial sounders or sounders with integrated flashing strobe lights.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Patlite and Pfannenberg industrial warning lights and signaling solutions!

Call System for Light Towers!

The AndonCONTROL can activate up to eight different status conditions!  The call system is fitted with smart electronics, using four switches to activate the required status change, for example: a shortage of material A can be signaled by the permanent yellow light while material B shortage could be indicated by the yellow light blinking.  The switch buttons on the AndonCONTROL can be labeled according to your specific status conditions.

The word “Andon” comes from the Japanese language for a lantern or warning light. Today it is used to describe a lighting system, clearly visible to all, to indicate a change in a status, or a warning, that immediate action is to be taken.

All WERMA products operate on this principal. The operator actuates the signal light by turning a switch on. The illumination of the signal light, possibly accompanied by a sounder, indicates to others that this operator requires assistance – maybe he has run out of material line side. Long delays for new parts to be delivered line side, or for assistance to be given can be a thing of the past with WERMA Andon products.

  • Manufactured by Werma
  • The light tower goes right in the AndonCONTROL base
  • A simple call system for various applications
    • Ideal for manual workstations
  • Instant status display at the touch of a button
  • Intelligent electronics can activate of up to eight different status conditions
  • Simple installation
    • No additional cable is required
  • Universal power supply and interchangeable adaptors enable worldwide use
  • Use with Werma KombiSIGN 70 or 71 or most other light towers on the market!
  • Light towers are sold separately

Read about wireless network systems here!  Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor - call us today for all of your industrial stack light needs!


WERMA AndonBOX - Simple Switch Box

The Werma AndonBOX is a simple switch box that is ideal for industrial applications. Activating one of up to four push button switches will illuminate up to four different signal tower lights. The push button switches are color coded and can be labeled with functions. This solution is ready to go and comes with a plug-in power supply. You can surface or wall mount the switch box.

Connect the M12 cable to the signal tower and your call system is ready!

You get great visibility! A 5m cable, with single connector, gives you the ability to position the light tower away from the Andon product.

You can also combine with Werma's easy to install MDC system WIN (Wireless Information Network). You can learn more by contacting our tech support.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized WERMA distributor!

AndonSWITCH: Good Looking and Smart!

Our Werma AndonSWITCH is attractively packaged and includes illuminated switch buttons to give confirmation of the call for action activated. Labels can also be applied to the housing.

The smart electronics with allow the four switches to activate up to eight different status condition changes.

You can use a WERMA industrial light tower, or you might even be able to use the light tower you are already using!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of WERMA industrial warning lights!

Panel Components? We've got that!

Whatever you need to build your control panels, Marshall Wolf Automation has it!  Take a look at some of the products and vendors we have to offer:

High Performance AC Drives:

Contactors and Overload Relays

Industrial Enclosures

and much more: terminal blocks, tower lights, wire duct, pilot lights, pushbuttons, motor disconnects and switches, power supplies, foot switches, fuses, digital timers, circuit protection devices and more!  If you need it for your panel, we can provide it.  We are your industrial automation distributor!  Call us today at 800-325-9653 (WOLF)! 



Do You Need To Improve Productivity? Of Course You Do!

Here are two great products that can help almost any industry improve productivity.

Our Patlite HSST series is a low cost light tower kit for manual control. Bottom line is that you get everything you need in this kit, you can even plug it right in the wall! 

  • Ideal for manufacturing situations
  • Remote visual indicator for business offices (hello call centers!), customer service, hospitals
  • Great for calling for additional parts or to get the attention of a supervisor
  • 3 light; red, yellow, green
  • Complete kit includes everything from mounting brackets to adapters and cables.

Our Patlite WSST is a manual control box that can be used with any of our Patlite stack lights. 

  • Can be wall mounted, remote mounted or simply put on a desktop
  • Light towers, cables and poles are sold separately. Customize to your needs!
  • Optional sound alarm available by purchasing stack lights with audible alarm
  • Great for retail checkouts, banks, security, emergency operations and call centers!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Patlite industrial light towers and audible alarms!

Patrol Series from Pfannenberg Offer High IP Protection Level!

With its PATROL series of sounders, Pfannenberg sets new standards for time and cost efficiency. This electronic sounder excels with its wide frequency spectrum, uncomplicated mounting and high IP protection level.

Its electromagnetic sound generation with an extremely wide frequency range and a high proportion of lower frequencies results in greater penetration of acoustic obstacles. In this way the number of sounders can be significantly reduced and an efficient corridor alarm system can be established, rather than costly room alarms. The sounders also have over 80 tones, adjustable volume and external tone stage selection.

PATROL devices are supplied without screw connections, which allows for rapid mounting. The integral anti-twist protection and automatic electronic contact ensure reliable, fault-free installation. Their design makes Patrol sounders particularly durable and maintenance-free.

With IP 66 protection as standard and a wide operating temperature range of up to -40°/+55°, they can be used in all industrial applications, both inside and out. All sounders have the necessary certificates, such as VdS, EN 54-3 and UL.

PATROL Flashing Sounders are combined audible and visual alarms that enhance safety with alarms both seen and heard. They utilize flashing strobes with higher energy/visibility. They also offer separate control of the audible sounder and visual flashing strobe. Read more about Pfannenberg lights here!

Marshall Wolf Automation can help with all of your industrial light needs.  Call us today at 800-325-9653 (WOLF)!