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Production Scoreboards from Electronic Displays

Improve productivity and cost effectiveness with any of the industrial scoreboards from Electronic Displays.

Marshall Wolf Automation, your full-line industrial automation distributor, is an authorized distributor for Electronic Displays.

Keep safety in mind, inform the team, and improve productivity by using the following production scoreboards...

  • Production Scoreboard
  • Production Control Scoreboard
  • Three Line Production Scoreboard
  • Two Line Production Scoreboard
  • Stand Alone Scoreboard with Remote & Photoeye
  • Plug-N-Play Scoreboard with Remote & Photoeye
  • Wash Down Area:  Two Line Scoreboard
  • Quality Control Scoreboards

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How Loud is 90dB?

This has always been a tough question to answer. Chris in our technical department recently sent me a link that helps explain it!

This is a common question when customers are looking at ordering piezo buzzers or adding an audible alarm to a light tower.

Noise Decibel Level   Notes
Jet take-off at 25 meters 150 Eardrum rupture
Thunderclap, chain saw 120 Painful
Power mower 96 Likely damage after 8 hours exposure
Vacuum cleaner 70 Most people would find this annoyingly loud
Background music 60 Fairly quiet
Library  40 Very quiet
Breathing 10 Barely audible

You can view the full chart at Industrial Noise Control, Inc. here.

Enclosed Motor Starters from Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi has recently announced the launch of their CGP Series Enclosed Motor Starters.  The CGP Series are manufactured in Canada to both US and Canadian standards and are housed in NEMA 4 Metallic Enclosures (NEMA 4X non-metallic enclosures are available upon request).

The CGP Series are available for both single and three phase motors up to 600V/600Hp and feature a compact, space saving design.  Available options include a broad range of control and pilot light layouts, integrated control transformer and both fused and non-fused disconnects.  

Technical specifications include:

  • For motors up to 600HP/600VAC
  • User selectable coil voltage
  • Single or three phase models
  • Integrated class 10 overload (class 20 available on request)
  • Available with start/stop, hand/off/auto, and customer configurations.

Marshall Wolf Automation, your full-line industrial automation distributor, is an authorized Carlo Gavazzi distributor.

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2015 Product Portfolio from KEB-Digital Drive Technology

KEB's 2015 expansive product portfolio includes Software, HMI's, Controls, Drives, and Motors.

This blog will concentrate on digital drive technology...

KEB offers Combivert digital drive technology including frequency inverters and servo systems for the open-loop and closed-loop operation of three-phase, synchronous, spindle, torque and special motors with outstanding drive shaft features.

Frequency Inverter-for the control of three-phase motors with and without encoder

Servo Drives-for the precise speed, torque and position control of synchronous, torque or linear motors

Supply-/Regen Units-feed the generator-based braking energy in temporary and continuous processes back into the mains power supply thereby reducing the operating costs in an environmentally friendly way.

Application Devices-meet the special requirements as vehicle inverter, pitch inverter, multi-purpose device or autonomous artificial mains network up to 1,600Hz

EMC, sinusoidal and harmonic filter technology Combiline-damp with passive components external influences or backlashes in systems, thereby protecting the windings of high-frequency motors against premature ageing or the mains power supplies from the impact of harmonics.  The compliance with legal limits for conducted-or radiated-bound disturbances is one element for the high functional reliability of machines.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized distributor for KEB products.

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Are You Using Banner EZ Lights?

Patlite has just released a 7 in 1 LED that compares to Banner EZ Lights! Take a look at this new LED.

Application examples:

  • Conveyors - each color could reflect a different event. Emergency stop, error, jam, etc.
  • AGV - again, the colors could reflect events that you choose. Errors, turning, idle, etc.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Patlite light towers and warning lights!

CleanSIGN - Light Towers for Food Processing/Washdown Environments

In the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in cleanroom applications, high demands are placed on hygiene. This applies to employees as well as the machinery, equipment and supplementary components.  The dangers of food poisoning, contamination and product recalls intensify the pressure, increasing the need for reliable hygiene standards and rigorously implemented norms and guidelines. This begins with the construction and planning of new components and equipment.  The CleanSIGN from Werma offers the following:

  • Food safety due to the absence of uneven surfaces, elevated or countersunk elements where contamination could collect
  • Cleaning-friendly and hygienic design for optimal cleaning and disinfection
  • Use of food safe materials (FDA approval) and resistant to cleaning agents
  • EHEDG and Fraunhofer IPA approved
  • IP 67/IP 69k protection rating
  • Fulfills Air Cleanliness Class 2 for Cleanroom applications in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1
  • Maintenance-free LED technology with a long life duration of up to 50,000 hours
  • Pine Tree Clip® for quick and simple fixing
  • Simple fixing and connection
  • Electronic modularity of the individual tiers

Read more here

Innovative LED Signal Tower from Werma

The LED signal tower FlatSIGN from Werma stands out from the competition with its range of innovative functions and unique advantages:  in particular its esthetically pleasing, curved design which facilitates a 160 degree viewing angle.  This guarantees exceptional signal visibility, even from the side.

If no signal is active, the flat LED signal tower blends into the background-without distracting from the design of the machine or its environment.

The FlatSIGN can be displayed in a wide variety of applications:  from logistics, warehousing and materials handling to machine and plant engineering.  Thanks to its high build quality and appearance it is also ideally suited for building services applications.  The high protection rating IP 65 ensures it can also be used outside.

Some advantages of the FlatSIGN:

  • Permanent or blinking light selectable
  • 160 degree viewing angle-the signal is clearly visible from the side
  • Multi-Tone Sounder with 8 adjustable tones
  • Flexible, user-friendly mounting options and simple connection
  • Comprehensive fixing kit available as accessory

Marshall Wolf Automation,  your full-line industrial automation distributor, is an authorized Werma distributor.

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WEG Electric Introduces Its Newest Line of Open Induction Motors-W40

WEG Electric is releasing its newest line of open three phase induction motors, available with standard frame sizes from NEMA 254T to l6808/09.  Key features of these newly designed motors are their competitive cost, highly efficient cooling and lightweight and compact construction.  In most applications at least one frame size small can be specified over  a TEFC motor.  In addition, for applications where the elements are a factor the W40 can be specified with WPI or WPII levels of environmental protection depending on the frame size.

This new motor design can be used in compressors, blowers, oil well and fire pumps and industrial refrigeration applications.  All models meet or exceed NEMA standards as well as international efficiency requirements.

The ODP version of this new motor is an effective option for applications which do not need a high level of protection from the elements.  Due to its open enclosure and new motor design it can achieve higher output levels when compared with TEFC motors.  The result is a cost effective solution for driven equipment.

W40 motors come standard with ball bearings, grease nipples, Class F insulation and are suitable for inverter operation up to 460V. Optional features include roller bearings (sleeve bearings above L5810), space heaters, an accessories terminal box, thermal protections, Class H insulation and are suitable for inverter operation above 575V.

Marshall Wolf Automation, your full-line industrial automation distributor, is an authorized WEG distributor.

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Distance Measurement with Pepperl + Fuchs

The VDM28 distance measurement sensor offers precise technology in the smallest housing at an incredibly low price.

Marshall Wolf Automation, your full-line industrial automation distributor, is an authorized Pepperl + Fuchs distributor.

Determining distances is one of the most common metrological applications in automation technology.  The market supplies many set solutions, yet not every technology is ideal for each application.  The VDM28 distance sensor is setting standards in this dynamic field.

With a measuring range up to 8 meters, the sensor reliably detects distances in diffuse mode.  The groundbreaking Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) measuring principle is used.

For the first time, a red laser emits short light pulses to determine distance by measuring the time of flight of the reflected pulses.  The highly visible beam also enables optimal alignment.  In contrast to other procedures, measuring accuracy is independent of object surface.  The measuring principle eliminates issues such as detecting "phanton objects" or measuring fluctuations due to ambient conditions.

  • Additional special features:
  • High repeatability
  • Extremely fast (10 ms)
  • Minimal black-white difference
  • Immune to extraneous light
  • IO-Link interface

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Werma 740 Incandescent Stack Lights, Explosion Protected

Zone 1 and 2, Zone 21 and 22!
Tower in flame-proof enclosure.
For hazardous locations due to gases and/or dusts. 

The Werma 740 Series has all the advantages of a stack light and are now available for hazardous locations. Attention-getting visual features can be safely signaled in areas susceptible to the collection of hazardous gases and dusts. Visual communication and text messaging a machines status is clearly provided via leading technology.

Typical applications include Machines and equipment in hazardous areas due to the presence of gas or dust: petroleum refineries, chemical plants, waste water treatment plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing areas, grain silos, paint spray booths, etc.

WERMA signal horns, electronic buzzers, flashing beacons, double flash beacons, signal towers and horns, and rotating beacons all in explosion proof housings. With the optical portion, the relative importance of the action to be taken can be indicated by color as well as by the light effect and length of the signal being used.

The customer can choose from a whole spectrum of signals ranging from the permanent light to the more intensive blinking light through the rotating indicator or the attention-getting flashing light. While the audible portion is where caution, prudence and clarity are essential, these signals are used to indicate emergencies and demand direct action. They are understood throughout the world regardless of culture or written language. Signaling with audible devices works via one or more tones or tone sequences.


•Customize exact solution for exact application
•Low maintenance due to LED design
•Machine vibrations will not shorten bulb life
•No need to remove equipment indication to safe areas. 740 series allows signals to remain on the equipment.

Division 2 or Zone 2 area

This is a step up from the safe area. In this zone the gas, vapor or mist would only be present under abnormal conditions (most often leaks under abnormal conditions). As a general guide, unwanted substances should only be present under 10 hours/year or 0–0.1% of the time.[citation needed] Division 1 or Zone 1 area. Gas, vapor or mist will be present or expected to be present for long periods of time under normal running. As a guide this can be defined as 10–1000 hours/year or 0.1–10% of the time

Zone 21

A place in which an explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of combustible dust in air is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally.

Zone 22

A place in which an explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of combustible dust is not likely to occur in normal operation, but if it does occur will persist for a short period only.

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Click here for more information on the Werma 740 Series.