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Do You Need To Improve Productivity? Of Course You Do!

Here are two great products that can help almost any industry improve productivity.

Our Patlite HSST series is a low cost light tower kit for manual control. Bottom line is that you get everything you need in this kit, you can even plug it right in the wall! 

  • Ideal for manufacturing situations
  • Remote visual indicator for business offices (hello call centers!), customer service, hospitals
  • Great for calling for additional parts or to get the attention of a supervisor
  • 3 light; red, yellow, green
  • Complete kit includes everything from mounting brackets to adapters and cables.

Our Patlite WSST is a manual control box that can be used with any of our Patlite stack lights. 

  • Can be wall mounted, remote mounted or simply put on a desktop
  • Light towers, cables and poles are sold separately. Customize to your needs!
  • Optional sound alarm available by purchasing stack lights with audible alarm
  • Great for retail checkouts, banks, security, emergency operations and call centers!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Patlite industrial light towers and audible alarms!

Patrol Series from Pfannenberg Offer High IP Protection Level!

With its PATROL series of sounders, Pfannenberg sets new standards for time and cost efficiency. This electronic sounder excels with its wide frequency spectrum, uncomplicated mounting and high IP protection level.

Its electromagnetic sound generation with an extremely wide frequency range and a high proportion of lower frequencies results in greater penetration of acoustic obstacles. In this way the number of sounders can be significantly reduced and an efficient corridor alarm system can be established, rather than costly room alarms. The sounders also have over 80 tones, adjustable volume and external tone stage selection.

PATROL devices are supplied without screw connections, which allows for rapid mounting. The integral anti-twist protection and automatic electronic contact ensure reliable, fault-free installation. Their design makes Patrol sounders particularly durable and maintenance-free.

With IP 66 protection as standard and a wide operating temperature range of up to -40°/+55°, they can be used in all industrial applications, both inside and out. All sounders have the necessary certificates, such as VdS, EN 54-3 and UL.

PATROL Flashing Sounders are combined audible and visual alarms that enhance safety with alarms both seen and heard. They utilize flashing strobes with higher energy/visibility. They also offer separate control of the audible sounder and visual flashing strobe. Read more about Pfannenberg lights here!

Marshall Wolf Automation can help with all of your industrial light needs.  Call us today at 800-325-9653 (WOLF)! 


Still One Of My Favorite Products...

I'm a big fan of kits. They make it easy for our customers to buy everything they need, all at once.

Our Patlite HSST is an industrial light tower kit that truly has everything you need!

The HSST kit starts with a 3-light stack light and includes a 120VAC power supply with 6 foot cord... just in case you want to plug it in the wall.

They also include a 3 button switchbox, with mounting screws, and a 2-position mounting bracket. They even put in two mounting poles, one 3 inch and one 12 inch, so you can determine how tall you want it to be!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Patlite industrial light towers and audible alarms!

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Network Products from Patlite

Are you looking for network stack lights? Here are two of our most popular from Patlite!

Network Monitoring Signal Tower

Would you like your light tower to have the capability to email a network manager when an event occurs? This is it!

Our Patlite NHL series is a 3-tier industrial light tower with a buzzer and email sending capabilities! The LED stack colors are configurable and the alarms can quickly notify the administrator of network abnormalities.

Learn more about our Patlite NHL series now.

PC-Controlled Industrial Light Tower

Our Patlite PHE can be used to supervise your PC, server and/or workstation. It can also be used to indicate the status of a process!

The Patlite PHE-3FB Interface Converter can convert serial RS232C to 3-light tower operations.

Connect this unit to the RS-232C port on your programmed personal computer to control the continuous, flashing and alarm functions on this tower.

Learn more about our Patlite PHE series now.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Patlite!

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Light Towers for Zone 2, Zone 22

Do you need explosion-proof light towers?  Take a look at the 40mm AR-070 series from Patlite.  The Patlite AR-070 series is an explosion-safe Signal Tower featuring an LED light that is versatile and energy-efficient.  The vertical and horizontal cut lenses, in combination with a double-reflection system, enhances the LED light diffusion to create a unique, full and brilliant light.  The lenses and main body are made of strong synthetic materials with characteristics to withstand harsh environments.  The Patlite AR-070 explosion proof light tower can be ordered in any combination from 1 to 5 LED units with any color combination.

In addition to its “continuous lighting” condition, the Signal Tower can also be ordered with flashing / non-flashing functions, as well as with two super-loud alarm sounds with an 85dB (at 1m) output.  IP65 allows the Patlite AR-070 light tower to be installed in damp, dusty factory and outdoor environments.

  • 40mm explosion proof light tower
    • Pre-wired, pre-assembled
    • Factory sealed cable, 8mm, length 1.5 meter
  • 24V AC/DC or 90-250VAC
  • Direct mount
  • Explosion proof for gas and dust
  • Suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22
  • CE compliant in accordance to ATEX
  • LED double reflection
  • From 1 to 5 stack lights
    • Currently stocking the 3 stack models
  • Available with:
    • Flashing/non flashing
    • Two audible buzzer alarm sounds
  • IP65 (IP54 with buzzer)
    • IP65 allows installation in damp, dusty factory and outdoor environments
  • Wall mount or direct mount

Read about more explosion proof light products here!  Visit us online at Marshall Wolf Automation for all of your industrial automation needs or call us today at 800-325-9653! 

The best wash down series light tower with IP69K rating in the industry

The Patlite LS7-9 Series Signal Light Towers feature an elegant, smooth surface design that is IP69K rated to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature washdown operations.

With no exposed screws, shafts, or other metals components, the LS7-9 is ideally suited for sanitary environment applications as well as harsh industrial settings on machine tools and production equipment.   The stackable design with optional M12 quick disconnect significantly simplifies installation and can reduce costs by eliminating the need for a separate relay box.

The Patlite LS7-9 series signal towers feature a state-of-the-art inner lens design that emits a sharper and more efficient LED light than is available with other signal tower designs. Models are available in three or five light tier configurations with a wide range of user-selected colored LED light arrangements.


  • Manufactured by Patlite
  • IP69K
    • High temperature
    • High pressure washdowns
  • 3 or 5 light LED models
  • Smooth-surfaced body protection
  • Dynamic high-contrast visibility
  • M12 connector
  • Food-grade
  • Base allows for installation on 1/2" NPT pipes
  • Lights available in the following colors:
  • Red (R)
  • Yellow (Y)
  • Green (G)
  • Blue (B)
  • White (C)
  • Blank (N)

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized PATLITE industrial automation distributor.  contact us today for assisting in your part number selection process.  Call at 847-658-8130

Marshall Wolf Automation Goes the Extra Mile

There are plenty of industrial automation distributors to choose from.  Why not choose the one that  goes the extra mile for their customers?

That one would be Marshall Wolf Automation

Marshall Wolf Automation goes the extra mile in:

  • Inside Sales-Knowledgeable, helpful, experienced that will help you problem solve and find solutions and suggest alternatives
  • Customer Service-Helpful and friendly to answer your questions on your orders
  • User-friendly website-Continually updated, easy to use configurators
  • Huge Product Selection-Marshall Wolf Automation is an authorized distributor for the manufacturers on our website and line card.  We represent nationally-known manufacturers as AC Tech Lenze, Teco, Pepperl & Fuchs, Baumer, Carlo Gavazzi, KEB, Bonfiglioli USA, Patlite, just to name few.
  • Technical Assistance-In-house technical department to answer your technical questions and assist you with any cross-referencing issues.
  • Ordering-You can order online using our website (we accept all domestic major credit cards), email your order to sales@wolfautomation.com, fax your order, or call into our inside sales department. Our customers are very important to us and we strive to help in your ordering process in any way we can.

Whether you need a variable frequency drive, gearbox, sensor, light tower, power supply, or contactor, Marshall Wolf Automation, wants to be your one-stop source.

Please visit our user-friendly website at www.wolfautomation.com and browse our large product selection.

Please send any inquiries to sales@wolfautomation.com.

New Expandable Power Supply from Idec!

The IDEC PSR6 series is the first DIN rail-mounted industrial power supply that expands to provide multiple output voltages from a single unit.

These compact units pack big performance into remarkably small spaces. Add a 10W DC-DC converter unit or add two branch terminals —without sacrificing efficiency or performance.

  • 93% efficiency
  • Plug-in output modules for additional output voltages
  • Plug-in branch terminal module for additional terminals
  • Choose from 120, 240 or 480 watt
  • Input voltages: 100 to 240VAC
  • Finger-safe - prevents electric shock

Marshall Wolf Automation is your stocking IDEC distributor! We carry the full line of IDEC industrial DC power supplies, photoelectric sensors, solid state relays, industrial light towers and more!

It's Just The Perfect Beacon.

Are you looking for a good looking, low cost and tough beacon? Do you need to mount it upside down?

This is the LED beacon you have been looking for! Our Patlite NE series of LED beacons can be used in washdown environments - even food processing and milling applications. 

For indoor applications you can mount it any way you want - upside down, sideways, you name it! Low power consumption makes it energy efficient and it's pretty much maintenance free.

Did I mention how nice this beacon looks? 

Choose from red, amber, green, blue or white.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Patlite industrial light towers and audible alarms!

Search all of our Patlite industrial warning lights and alarms now.

Patlite - 100mm LED Signal Tower Patlite LGEBC

These light towers at a 100mm diameter are designed for large equipment on a factory floor providing fantastic visibility for any and all signaling functions.  The nice part is at this diameter size a warning or status function won't get lost in the equipment landscape.  The design is also a modular design allowing multiple configurations with very little equipment changes. 

  • Manufactured by Patlite
  • Colors available: red, yellow, green, blue, and clear (Blue and Clear LEDs are at a premium).
  • Meets IP-54 (Sealant required for wire entry hole and mounting area).
  • Component style, pre-wired
  • Direct mount only: includes 3 mounting nuts
  • Interchangeable and stackable after purchase (if # of stacks changes additional parts required)
  • Large diameter signal tower is visible from great distances, with lens dimensions: 100mm x 50mm.
  • Available with flashing and an audible alarm of 85dB (at 1m).
  • NPN or PNP open collector compatible (24V DC only).
  • - Dry contact closure such as switches or relay contacts
  • - Open-collector transistor (NPN or PNP for DC24V, NPN for AC120V)

Marshall Wolf Automation is your fully authorized industrial automation distributor for all PATLITE signaling products.  Contact us today for any assistance in your selection process for all PATLITE products.