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Is 'Explosion Proof' On Your Spec?

We can help!

Patlite offers a 3-light and 5-light explosion proof LED light tower! These FM-certified stack lights are for use in Class 1, Div. 1 and Div. 2, Exd IIC T6 explosive environments.

They will help you improve safety with at-a-glance visual status in your explosive environments. They are also IP66 rated so they can handle wet or dirty locations.

Marshall Wolf Automation has a full line-up of explosion proof products, take a look.

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Does Your Hazardous Application Need A Stack Light?

Light Towers for Zone 2, Zone 22


Light Towers for Zone 2, Zone 22

Do you need explosion-proof light towers?  Take a look at the 40mm AR-070 series from Patlite.  The Patlite AR-070 series is an explosion-safe Signal Tower featuring an LED light that is versatile and energy-efficient.  The vertical and horizontal cut lenses, in combination with a double-reflection system, enhances the LED light diffusion to create a unique, full and brilliant light.  The lenses and main body are made of strong synthetic materials with characteristics to withstand harsh environments.  The Patlite AR-070 explosion proof light tower can be ordered in any combination from 1 to 5 LED units with any color combination.

In addition to its “continuous lighting” condition, the Signal Tower can also be ordered with flashing / non-flashing functions, as well as with two super-loud alarm sounds with an 85dB (at 1m) output.  IP65 allows the Patlite AR-070 light tower to be installed in damp, dusty factory and outdoor environments.

  • 40mm explosion proof light tower
    • Pre-wired, pre-assembled
    • Factory sealed cable, 8mm, length 1.5 meter
  • 24V AC/DC or 90-250VAC
  • Direct mount
  • Explosion proof for gas and dust
  • Suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22
  • CE compliant in accordance to ATEX
  • LED double reflection
  • From 1 to 5 stack lights
    • Currently stocking the 3 stack models
  • Available with:
    • Flashing/non flashing
    • Two audible buzzer alarm sounds
  • IP65 (IP54 with buzzer)
    • IP65 allows installation in damp, dusty factory and outdoor environments
  • Wall mount or direct mount

Read about more explosion proof light products here!  Visit us online at Marshall Wolf Automation for all of your industrial automation needs or call us today at 800-325-9653! 

Hybrids from Patlite

We're not talking automobiles here . . . we're talking about the partnership of light and sound.  And Patlite has some exciting hybrid products for you to take a look (or would that be a listen?) to!

PATLITE is a diversified, global company and highly-technology engineering and manufacturing company. Founded in 1947, they are a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network system and solutions which enhance the safety, security and comfort of workplaces and communities.

This is the LKEH series . . . 100mm signal tower.

The LKEH series is a large horn and signal tower combination that supplies greater sound and capability.

Program up to 31 messages using MP3 files.


How about an explosion-proof version of the LKEH

PATLITE offers an explosion-safe Horn with LED tiers and pre-recorded Melodies and Chimes,

suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22 applications.




Marshall Wolf Automation is going to be highlighting audibles and hybrids from Patlite all month so stay tuned for future blogs!  If you'd like to read more about light towers, check out some of these past blogs!

Application Finder From Schmersal

I am impressed with this tool offered by Schmersal. Check out the application finder.

This a great way to see exactly what Schmersal can offer you. Taking a look at the explosion proof devices I see that Schmersal can offer:

  • Solenoid interlocks
  • Safety switches
  • Position switches
  • Safety sensors
  • Emergency pull switches
  • Safety monitoring

Don't forget that Marshall Wolf Automation can expand even further on these applications! In explosion proof products we can also offer industrial light towers, audible alarms, intrinsic safety barriers and more!

You can view all of our Schmersal products now.

Explosion Proof LED Stack Lights from Patlite

Patlite now offers two FM-certified LED light towers for use in Class I, Division 1 and Division 2, Exd IIC T6 explosive application environments!

The Patlite EDLM series is available in either a 3-light or 5-light model. The 3-light model is based on the Patlite LME series and is available in AC/DC 24V or AC120V.

The 5-light explosion proof LED light tower EDWM is based on the popular WME-A series and is available in AC/DC 24V or AC90-250V.

These LED stack lights can help improve safety and productivity by providing reliable at-a-glance visual status in challenging explosive environments. They are also ideal for wet or dirty locations because they have an IP66 rating as well as everything listed above!

Learn more about the Patlite EDLM and EDWM series now!

Take Another Look At WERMA USA

If you have taken a look at Werma before it's time to take a second look!

  • Lower prices (yes, LOWER prices!)
  • Large inventory ready to ship
  • Easy online ordering

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of WERMA light towers, audible alarms, explosion proof products and more.

Take a look at WERMA!

Flameproof, Explosion-proof beacon!

Werma USA offers signal horns, electronic buzzers, flashing beacons, double flash beacons, signal towers and horns, and rotating beacons all in explosion proof housings. With the optical portion, the relative importance of the action to be taken can be indicated by color as well as by the light effect and length of the signal being used.

Typical applications include machines and equipment in hazardous areas due to the presence of gas or dust: petroleum refineries, chemical plants, waste water treatment plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing areas, grain silos, paint spray booths, etc.

IP66-rated, suitable for use in gas and dust explosion danger areas and saltwater rated, this industrial warning light (Werma 782, LED Rotating Beacon)  has a bright lamp source and eye-catching light affect.  Marshall Wolf Automation is the place to go for all of your industrial stack lights! 

Contact us at 800-325-9653 (WOLF) or visit us online.  With technical staff available to answer your questions and offer application assistance, we offer value-added services to make your purchasing experience as easy as possible!


Hazardous Environment Light Towers

Patlite introduces explosion proof light tower AR-070 and AR-078 LED  for Zone 2 and Zone 22 application environments. Each model is rated IP65 without alarm/flashing and IP54 with alarms/flashing and features a robust glass fiber-reinforced polyester base, a 1.5 meter cable and a sealed cable exit. As a result, they are an ideal choice for providing user-adjustable audible alarms up to 85dB (AR-070) and 90dB (AR-078), respectively, and highly visible visual status indication in continuous, flashing or alarm modes in gaseous and dusty environments. Towers can be wall or direct mounted and units can be stacked five high in red, amber, green, blue and clear to suit varied application needs.

Marshall Wolf Automation carries both of these attractive stacklights,  providing reliable operation and versatility that plant operators can count on in their explosion-safe environments.  Featuring the exclusive Hybrid Prism-cut Lens that enhances visibility from any direction and distance, the dual reflection system enhances light diffusion to create bright and distinctive illumination in an energy efficient manner.

AR-070 models are 40mm in diameter and have an optional 1/2" NPT, and AR-078 models are 60mm in diameter and have an optional 3/4" NPT. Both models simplify installation with wiring that is color coordinated to correspond with the stacklight color. Both models also feature interchangeable LED modules that eliminate the need for any rewiring, even after installation.

Looking For An Affordable Replacement For Fluorescent Lights?

Of course you are! Here it is:

Our Patlite CLA-P is an affordable LED light bar that finally allows you to get rid of those high heat, short life, energy guzzling fluorescent lights!

Looking for more specific reasons (you can find more info on this data on the spec sheet)?

  • Annual power consumption is reduced 52.3%
  • C02 emissions are reduced 51.7%
  • Life is extended 10 times!
  • Low heat - 34% less
  • No mercury

The Patlite CLA-P is ideal for replacing fluorescent lights in work benches, control boxes and many other applications.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Patlite industrial stack lights, LED light bars, audible alarms and explosion proof light towers.


Marshall Wolf Automation can offer your organization value added installations

Marshall Wolf Automation can offer your organization many value added services.  Just the other day I had a call and the prospect was looking to get a quote for a motor starter in an enclosure.  After some further qualifying questions it was determined that a Nema 4/12 enclosure would suffice, prospect wanted a control transformer, fusible disconnect, and a simple start stop buttons only.  No problem our shop can prepare an suitable sized enclosure, the disconnect, fusing, control transformer, push buttons, non-reversing starter with thermal overload mounted in the enclosure all prewired, ready to ship in days.  Here's a few photographs highlighting a very similar application.  Marshall Wolf Automation is an Industrial Automation Distributor and a Industrial Supply Distributor for:

 Marshall Wolf Automation is you industrial supply distributor and Automation Specialist, you can visit us at our website; www.wolfautomation.com, or call us at 847-658-8130 or email us at sales@wolfautomation.com