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Autonics TA Series Analog Temperature Controller

The NEW Autonics TA Series analog temperature controller is replacing the older TO Series. The TA Series offers 3 sizes of temperature controllers.  With the easy adjusting dials and the precise control performance with built-in microcomputer, this unit is easy to use and low cost.  The TAS (8-pin socket type) is 48mm x 48mm, TAM is 72mm x 72mm and the TAL is 96mm x 96mm.




Deviation display lamps on the front panel gives you an easy to see control status.  The TA Series also features newly developed self-tuning PID control algorithm.  To learn more about the TA Series, CLICK HERE to see us on our website, or call us toll free at:  800-325-9653 .

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Autonics Temperature Controllers - Accurate and Reliable!

Temperature controllers are used in a wide variety of industries.  Autonics Analog/Digital temperature controllers offer quick setup and provide precise temperature management and control.  Easy operation, design and better pricing help make these offerings more attractive!  Choose from among these models:

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TA Series PID Temperature Control from Autonics!

The TA Series from Autonics applies a newly developed PID temperature control algorithm and micro processor to a simple dial-setting type temperature controller, resulting in  better control performance at a more economical price. Deviation lamps on the front panels offer an easy visual guide on control status. Dial setting type output OFF function, sensor burn-out display function and self-tuning function enhance the control performance of this series.  Available in 3  sizes: 48mm x 48mm (8 pin plug), 72mm x 72 mm and 96mm x 96 mm. 

● Improved control performance with built-in microcomputer
● Adopting new Auto-tuning PID control algorithm
   selectable ON/OFF, PID control (with the external slide SW)
● Easy to check controlling status with deviation indicating lamp
   deviation LED(red, green), output LED(red) indicator
● Dial setting output OFF function
● Sensor broken display function

The TA series is replacing the TO Series from Autonics:

  • TAS replaces TOS
  • TAM replaces TOM
  • TAL replaces TOL

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Autonics New TA Replaces the TO

Let me be a little more specific! Autonics has released a new version of their popular TO series of analog temperature controllers.

  • TOS will now be TAS
  • TOL will now be TAL
  • TOM will now be TAM

The new TA series offers improved control performance with built-in microcomputer and features newly developed self-tuning PID control algorithm.

You can learn more about the new TA series here! There is a complete cross reference located under 'Resources'.

Say Goodbye To The Autonics TOS Series... We Have Something Better!

Autonics will be phasing out their popular TOS series of analog temperature controllers by the end of the year. No worries here though, you are going to love the new TA series that is taking its place.

Competitively priced, easy to use, and, in my opinion, much nicer to look at! 

We will be adding pricing shortly so check back.

You can get a last look at the Autonics TOS here.

Consolidate Purchasing for Printing/Labeling/Packaging Companies

If you're a company that makes printing, labeling or packaging machines or resell or repair them, consolidating your purchasing while saving money is a smart move for the New Year.  Marshall Wolf Automation can help you with safety products such as pendant stations, safety laser scanners, safety mats and safety light curtains featuring lines such as Carlo Gavazzi, Euchner, Idec, Schmersal and Pepperl & Fuchs.

Delta and Idec both offer Programmable Logic Controllers (more commonly called PLCs) and we can also help with starter kits and technical assistance.

Our gearbox lines include Bonfiglioli and Motovario and we also offer brakes and clutches from KEB

Temperature controls and sensors including analog, digital, humidity, process controllers, RTD, IR Sensors and thermocouples from brands like Autonics, Exergen, Fuji, and Novus can cover your temperature needs. 

Beacons, LED light bars and strips, spotlights, traffic signal solutions, and stack lights from Patlite, Menics, Werma, and Idec can light up every spot on your floor and in your cabinet. 

Don't forget enclosures, relays and timers, motors, contactors, variable frequency drives, soft-starters, encoders, power supplies and limit switches!

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Autonics Lunch 'n' Learn

Autonics was in for training and to provide lunch for our sales team this week. Autonics has a wide range of products and it is sometimes easy for great features and products to get lost in it all...

Multi-channel modular DIN rail temperature controllers, TM Series - I had no idea that Autonics carried something like this!

Solid state relays with integrated heat sink, SRH1 Series - a very competitive product, take a look!

Compact (and cute!) digital pressure sensors, PSAN Series - you will love the pricing on this!

Marshall Wolf Automation is an authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of Autonics USA.

Autonics dual-temperature controller!

Do you need a dual-temperature controller at a reasonable price?  Look at the high and  low speed Autonics TZ4 Series dual-temperature controller. 

Autonics launched this high-accuracy low power specification model in order to respond to the European panel power of 24VAC.



Features include:

  • Manufactured by Autonics
  • Dual High and Low speed response PID auto tuning function
  • High display accuracy: +/- 0.3% (by F - S value of each input)
  • 2 step auto tuning control function
  • 13 kinds of multi input functions such as temperature sensor, voltage and current selection function.
  • Various sub output : LBA, SBA
  • 7 kinds of alarm output and 4 kinds of alarm option functions
  • Built in PV value transmission output (4-20mADC), RS485 communicate output
  • Decimal display for analog input
  • Sizes: W48xH48mm,W48xH96mm,W72xH72mm,W96xH48mm,W96xH96mm
  • Power: 100-240 VAC

If this doesn't meet your needs, we have plenty of other temperature controllers to choose from!  As an authorized distributor of the lines we carry, if you don't see it on our website, call us!  We can get it for you.  Marshall Wolf Automation - your industrial automation distributor!


Application Using Autonics SRH1 Solid State Relays

I love images that show our products in an application. The one below is from an application that is manufacturing car bumpers and needs to monitor the molding temperature.

The solid state relay shown below is the new Autonics SRH1 series that offers an integrated heat sink. Marshall Wolf Automation offers a full line of solid state relays from Carlo Gavazzi, IDEC and Autonics. We also offer a complete line of temperature control products.

New From Autonics: SRH1 Series Solid State Relays

Autonics has recently released their SRH1 series of solid state relays. You are probably wondering what would be so exciting about yet another SSR released on the market?

The Autonics SRH1 series solid state relay features:

Superior dielectric voltage ratings of 4,000VAC

Patented design that improves reliability by maximizing heat protection efficiency with an integrated heat sink and ceramic board design

Ideal for a wide range of applications - everything from motor controlling needs to heater loads.

Marshall Wolf Automation is an authorized Autonics distributor for everything from Autonics temperature controllers to inductive and capacitive proximity sensors.

Learn more about the Autonics SRH1 solid state relays now!