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Quick Comparison: AC Tech Lenze SCD/TCF to SMV

As of June 2012 the AC Tech Lenze SCD, TCF and TMD series will be discontinued.

This blog will focus on the comparison of the SCD/TCF series to the upgrade we are suggesting.

Feature SCD Series TCF Series SMV Series
Introduced 2002 2003 2006
Power Ratings 1/4 to 20 hp 1/2 to 10 hp 1/2 to 60 hp
Voltages 200-600V 200-600V 115-600V
Performance V/Hz V/Hz or OLV V/Hz or OLV
Enclosure IP20 IP20 IP31/NEMA 1
Control Terminal Size 3.5mm 3.5mm 5mm
I/O Update Speed 2ms 2ms 20ms
Keypad Buttons 3 3 6
Display Characters (keypad) 3 3 4
Parameters Basic Basic+ Basic++
Max. Output Frequency 240Hz 240Hz 500Hz
Switching Frequency 4-10kHz 2-8kHz 4-16kHz
RoHS Compliant No No Yes
Communications DeviceNet Modbus RS485 Modbus 485, DeviceNet, Ethernet /IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus and CANopen

Contact our in-house technical department for more information on the best cross reference for your application!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized industrial automation distributor for the complete line of AC Tech drives!

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