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Polycarbonate Enclosures

Why use a polycarbonate enclosure?  How about a cleaner look, UV light resistance and just try hitting your stainless steel box with a hammer and see if it still looks good! 

The Iboco ICB series polycarbonate enclosures are perfect for circuit breakers and more! 
A fast, easy and stylish way to house your DIN control components!  DIN rail is pre-mounted inside!

polycarbonate enclosuresAlready buying Altech circuit breakers?  The compact Altech EK Series is designed to house and protect standard IEC components, such as DIN rail mount circuit breakers, switches, meters and other control devices.

The unique cover design of these enclosures feature a shrouded cut out and transparent hinged doors, for quick access and visibility. The shrouded cut out, spanning the width of the cover, exposes mounted components for easy adjustment and isolates wiring for increased safety.

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