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Modular Patlite Light Towers

Patlite’s modular signal towers offer numerous possibilities for variety.  Two different diameters, up to five stackable LED modules that can be combined any way you like, an optional sound module and low-maintenance strobe add-on modules add up to offer many industrial light tower combinations in one!

The domes of the signal towers are made of heat-resistant and highly impact-resistant polycarbonate resin. This increases the life of the lights and guarantees good light transmission. The exclusive Patlite prism cut provides for better visibility from all directions and from a distance. When programming the signal lights the user can choose between the standard LU7-02 pedestal without  audible signal and the LU7-02FB special pedestal with continuous and flashing lights as well as two different integrated alarm signals with an adjustable volume from 70 to 90dB/1m.

There is also a smaller version of the LU series. With a diameter of only 50mm,  the LU5 has two pedestal modules in silver or beige and the standard set of five LED color modules. The optional LU5 FB sound module gives a continuous alarm sound  with a volume of 85dB/1m and flashes at a frequency of 60/min.

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